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have a good job

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have a good job

Bài gửi  tagophan9 on Wed Dec 16, 2009 8:20 pm


Today, what do you prepare for your future? Maybe, it’s a difficult question for you practice or think! ^_^.
As a student, I am always finding for myself the most convenient way. Because that, I want to talk to you about my story and the ways I have just passed.
The first, you should find a best friend for yourself, I think the one can share some thing with you. If you haven’t got a best friend, you should find now. It’s very interesting for you to contact knowledge’s life and how know yourself.

May I have some question for you?
1, A your friend is sad and feel nothing from life, what will you do in that situation? Sometimes, we often feel that, but happiness is helped.
2, when you meet matter, who you think of the first? It is your parents or your partner or your best friend?
3, today, which the most important factors help you pass everything?
When you answer those questions you will find the best way. I wish you have a good tine and lucky

8th December 2009

Today, how do you have feeling? Yes, I want to say with you about our feeling! Maybe, you are never important for it! But everyday, you depend on it, so that don’t think “I have got nothing”, do you know: you have got everything if you want to do! Please, say: I am ready and I can do it, now! Ok. ^_^. Happiness is always beside you and helpful you to pass troubles, difficult and take your sad.
Tomorrow is the future. Yesterday is the pass. At the moment is the now, so make everything in this time, please. ^_^.
Now, I listen to music and check mail for you, I feel that my life is very wonderful because I enjoy my life and always find something that I need do in my future. Maybe, you confuse when you say to others about yourself but you should welcome and confident. It’s a good chance for you to discover yourself. You’ll have nothing if you don’t change you’re yourself. I think that: a chance that coming in your life, hold it please. Sometimes you feel pity about something you don’t practice or don’t think of true that. But now, don’t confuse and refuse it, it is a good chance for you. Do you know: I used to have a beautiful love, it provides experiments to me the power and I studied many things in life.
If you say: I don’t want to meet troubles and difficult in my life, you will not find real rate. Certainly, I also don’t wish you met it anywhere. ^_^. Because, we are all people who know not only everything but also nothing. It is real. I hope: we discover, find the planned in our life. So, good luck to you. Meet you soon when you and I have to win.


Yes. You will do anything if you have a well healthy. In this month, I expect mine better than anytime. I know nothing can compare with our health. It’s very important for us to do our plan and something in your life.
Do you know? I need it stop as soon as, it take for long time to me more confident and worry, too. In this city, may I share it with??? No one, anything beside me, I must pass it by myself. I think my health will better than today. I usually pain my way that I must make on it in my future. Sometime I also get up it because of some reason, may be I can’t do it??? But I hope you are not like as me. Today is 8th when I must live on worry life, I think it is not dangerous but I am afraid of it.
It is limited all of my works and effect my mind. But it provides to me that: your health is the most, you will change anything if you ready and have health!!!^_^. Yes. It is truth.
Some people think that: the most important thing is money or their asset but they don’t know that they will not do anything when they don’t have their health. As a child, I planned to earn more and more money in my future but now happiness and enjoy my life with my lovely people is the first.
Wish you have a good time and beautiful time with your future. I remember my hometown and my family, it s my power for me to do anything.¬^_^. Bye. bye

Today, I have a traffic test in Kien An distric, so good but I used to worry much. I am afraid of in that case I don’t pass it. Yes, I know that it is not important test, but if you are always thinking less, you wont deal with things a good way. In our life, we need luck and luck focus on who are you? Do you believe your fate? I never believe my fate. Maybe, I am a conservative person!^_^. He used to say: our fate is created by ourselves. But in the real, he also got up my love and left me. Nothing is happened with me. I didn’t cry or sad, sometimes I feel it is a good choose. Happiness or unhappiness, it was not an important reason. I realize my life has got a lot of things which I can’t study, love is not all of things.
Some people said: money or an asset is very important, and I give you some: luck or an asset. It is always a difficult question for us to answer. Sometimes, we can’t know ourselves. In that case, what is the way that you choose to continuous in your life. Today, he says: he is remained love me. But in my brain, I will come back that time. I feel not comfortable, bored and sad. Why do I feel ?. Because, I am remains love him, very pity about that. Maybe, it is a chance for me to change my situation life. The world has got many things that I can do it but I don’t know me and him will go anywhere. Happiness or unhappiness, if I leave him, I will change myself by love or anything else.

tagophan9@yahoo.com(PHAN THI THU TRANG lop 12a1 khoa 2005 -2008)

Tổng số bài gửi : 46
Age : 28
Registration date : 12/12/2009

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